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Name: Reno Sinclair
Aliases: Red, Cherry, Girlfriend, That One Annoying Bastard Who Never Fucking Shuts Up, "Cocky, Reckless, and Vile"
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Age: Twenty-four years old
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 150 lbs

Nationality: Predominantly Italian (Mixed)
Alignment: Neutral
Occupation: Member of The Turks
Rank: Second-in-Command


Reno is undeniably conspicuous in his appearance. He is most noticeably a proud redhead with a penchant for tattoos and ear piercings. He has a total of five tattoos: a Roman numeral five (V) at the small of his back, a phoenix curled around his left thigh, one angel wing on the right side of his back, a shield on his left upper arm, and his trademark facial ink. Each bears a different significance, the majority of which deal with people who are important to Reno.

His body is built efficiently for speed and flexibility, especially in combat. Fairly tall, slender, and lean, Reno is the self-titled fastest of the Turks. He is most often seen wearing the Turk uniform-- a dark suit over white, sans the usual tie--in casual disarray, but prefers jeans and band t-shirts. His ensemble generally includes his trademark goggles, which he wears around his neck or nestled around his forehead. His characteristic hair is cut in a mullet and tied back. He is fair-skinned-- due to Irish blood on his father's side, he claims, though he claims a lot of things--and his eyes are an inconsistent color of either blue or green that is made unnaturally bright by the mako chemical running in his veins.


Reno is notorious for his bad behavior, lack of respect for authority, and tendency to push people's patience. Some call him obnoxious, and others find him charming. However, a great redeeming quality of Reno's is that once his loyalty is earned, it never wavers. With his close companions, he is both a source of great annoyance and great amusement. Stubborn and prideful, he possess no objections to openly stating his opinion where and when he pleases, regardless of how appropriate it is. His weakness and strength is his mouth, which can blab him into deep trouble or smooth talk him straight back out. Reno is known to be clever and sarcastic, and his temper is biting for those who provoke it.

His comfort zone with people close to him is to walk the fine line between friendship and more, enough that he can intimately know someone but avoid being roped into more commitment than he wants. In people, he looks to be impressed and is hard to win over. But once won, he is a reliable character who will protect and support his friends, despite his habit of being offensive and overly strong-willed. He is attracted to a variety of different personalities and appearances, but especially believes in a brotherhood between redheads.

Born in the slums, Reno Sinclair grew up with seven siblings, all raised by his mother after his father, a drug dealer, died as a complication of his business. Young Reno attended little school and spend most of his time drug dealing with four of his brothers. From the trade, he grew sly and shrewd, and he became a capable street fighter.

Through their connections, the capable band of brothers were discovered by a small but relatively powerful weapons-dealing company and hired on for miscellaneous work. This was where the five brothers would gain most of their more formal training in combat and weaponry.

Eventually, however, the company turned on them, forcing them to be used as test subjects for a new bio-weapon, a chemical called mako. All five brothers were subjected to the testing, but as far as Reno knows, he was the only one who survived it. With the mako infused into his system came an array of side-effects-- enhanced strength, reflexes. And while these skills were certainly not the type that allowed him to lift cars or survive a ten story fall, his body took damage more efficiently and healed more quickly than an average humans.

Using these new powers, he wiped out the weapons company and took several of their products for his own. Now at twenty-four, he works with an elite group known as the Turks and takes full advantage of the stores of weapons and supplies the destroyed company left behind.

Reno specializes in hand-to-hand close combat, preferring it with his quickness and a capoeira style fighting that resembles a mixture of dance and martial arts. His combat style is a combination of things he learned street fighting and the formal training he received from the weapons company that hired him and his brothers. His greatest strength is his agility, but his body type leaves him vulnerable to heavy impact. He also has good instincts for fighting as a group or with a partner, and he is familiar with an array of various weapons.

The mako in his system provides him with slightly greater speed, strength, healing abilities, endurance, and instincts. It also allows him a greater resistance towards alcohol, disease, and drugs (though some powerful drugs, such as White Anemone, are known to provoke a violent physical reaction). Taking advantage of this side-effect, Reno is a heavy smoker, frequent drinker, and a notorious drug user. He also has an increased metabolism, which he constantly abuses.

In addition to being a capable and scrappy fighter, Reno is an avid pilot and driver with the "need for speed." His has a special fondness for the helicopter given to him by Elena, which he named Cecilia. He also has a preference for motorcycles.

THE TURKSReno (Sinclair) - Onorata
The Turks are a small group of elite made up of an array of different members who previously worked in areas such as body-guarding, weapons and drug dealings, or Mafia-related activities. The original members are Reno and his partner Elena, who he met by coincidence on what was a business deal gone rather wrong. The two butted heads initially, but agreed to work together considering circumstances, and have since grown to be close friends. Reno fondly refers to Elena as "Wife"--originally because she nagged him--or "Rookie", while Elena will sometimes call him "Cherry." The pair worked on their own for some time, primarily as weapons dealers, having been known to make deals with the Mafia families that thrive in Reggio Calabria.

After sometime of working together in this partnership, Elena-- who had been trailing a mysterious tall, dark, and handsome man-- caught up leads on her search for a man who they would know as Tseng Liu, a member of the Triads and an influential resident of Hong Kong. Eventually, Reno and Elena would go to meet Tseng in Hong Kong, with the intention to have him potentially join them as a Turk. Reno and Tseng immediately clashed with their polar personalities and would continue to irritate each other even when Tseng returned to Italy with them. It would be sometime after the group elected Tseng their leader and Reno his wingman that they would begin to see eye-to-eye.

Upon their return to Italy, Reno received a phone call from someone he had not heard from in two years: his best friend since childhood, Rudolfo
D'Agostino-- affectionately known as Rude. Rude had been away in Russia working for an influential company there, where he was formally trained in weapons and combat. With urging from Reno, Rude was also initiated as a member of the Turks and shortly thereafter moved in with his friend and a pet Rottweiler-Husky puppy named Peanut.

The Turks remain neutrally aligned and their valuable services offered to any who can afford it.

Rudolfo "Rude" D'Agostino: Reno's best friend since before puberty and his declared "Number One", Rude grew up with Reno in the slums and often spent time with young Reno and his many brothers. They would remain close through adulthood and only separated from each other's company when Rude departed for Russia. Upon his return, Reno extended an invitation for Rude to join the Turks, which he accepted.

Elena: The "Rookie" which Reno met by coincidence for a business deal, Elena is the young woman who would form the Turks with him. Despite disagreements and squabbles, they are close friends with several inside jokes and are constantly conspiring with one another.

Tseng Liu: Tseng is the leader of the Turks and Reno's boss. Although they strongly disliked each other when they met for the first time in Hong Kong, Reno and Tseng have since come to a certain understanding if not friendship, and Reno is his loyal second-in-command.

Tifa Lockhart: A long-time friend of Reno's, Tifa and Reno jokingly call each the other's "girlfriend." Tifa's bar, Seventh Heaven, is a frequent haunt of Reno's, though Tifa is known to throw peanuts at his eyes and nag him about his various bad habits, especially his smoking. Reno, in turn, enjoys tormenting Tifa by texting and calling her in the middle of the night.

Yuffie Kisaragi:
Yuffie is a friendly acquaintance of Reno's that he often finds online. They share opinions on several things-- including the fact that Rude's boxers definitely belong to Reno-- and chat with each other about things such as Cloud Strife's toaster.

Axel Kelly:
Axel is a friend of Reno's through the brotherhood of redheads who he met through a conversation about "redheads topping." Reno has been known to sympathize with Axel, especially with his friend is subjected to what they call "bitch duty." They share a strong pride in being redheads.

Peanut (Reno's Puppy)Lulu: A consort who initially met Reno over the internet, they have since severely fallen out due to a conflict involving Tseng. Reno-- already difficult to impress in ordinary circumstances-- was annoyed to find that she had accepted bribes from Tseng to get close to him, during the period in which he and Tseng had serious difficulties getting along. He strongly dislikes her methods and disrespects her lack of loyalty in friendship, though one has to respect a woman who can stand up to the full force of Reno's biting temper.

Peanut: Reno and Rude's shared pet, Peanut is a friendly but spineless Rottweiler-Husky mix puppy whose favorite hobbies include peeing excessively, licking people's faces, and hiding underneath the couch. Peanut was named after Tifa's method of punishment for Reno: throwing peanuts at his eyes.

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